Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stay Safe When out in the Heat as Temperatures Rise

August is here which means the temperatures throughout the country are rising. Heat can be very dangerous and during heat waves, evaporation into the body is slowed and your body has to work a lot harder to maintain a normal temperature. (A heat wave is considered an extended period of high heat accompanied by high humidity. These conditions can be very dangerous and sometimes life-threatening.)

Did you know that most heat disorders occur when someone has spent too much time in the heat or has over-exercised in extreme temperatures? Those especially in danger of heat disorders include older adults, young children and those who might be sick or overweight.

By following these tips, you can ensure you and your loved ones are safe while out in the heat.

Preparation Before Going Out into the Heat

·         It is always a great idea to have an emergency kit and make a family communication plan. Visit here for more information.

·         Have a good A/C System working in your home.

·         Cover windows that the morning or afternoon sun comes through.

·         Stay aware of the temperature changes in your area.

·         Get trained in first aid so you are able to help treat heat-related illnesses.

Tips While Outside in the Heat

·         Never leave pets or children in hot vehicles!

·         Stay indoors as much as you can.

·         Limit your exposure in the sun.

·         Keep outside game and activities to a minimum or after the sun goes down.

·         Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

·         Dress in loose-fitting and light-colored clothing.

·         Wear a hat to protect your face and eyes from the sun.

·         Avoid strenuous activity.

·         If you have pets and they stay outside, check on them frequently and make sure they have plenty of water and shade.

 And remember, if you or someone you know finds themselves in a heat-related emergency, please do not hesitate to contact 9-1-1.