Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Child Passenger Safety Week is September 13-19, 2015!

Did you know that car crashes are the leading cause of death in children ages one to 14 years old in the United States?  These deaths could be prevented by installing or utilizing car seats, booster seats and seat belts properly.

September 13th through the 19th is a week dedicated to reminding and teaching the public about the proper use of car seats and boosters. Roughly three out of four car seats are installed incorrectly, which becomes a huge safety risk. But by being vigilant, we can change that. When a car seat, booster and seatbelt are used properly, it can reduce the risk of significant injury in infants by 71% and toddlers by 54%!

Here are some car seat tips to follow:
  •       Find a car seat that fits your child. You want the car seat to fit your child’s current size but also leave room for them to grow.
  •       Not all car seats fit in all vehicles so make sure the car seat you purchase fits the vehicle you drive.
  •      Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the car seat and use it properly.
  •     Children under the age of one should always ride rear-facing.
  •      Children age 1-3 years should be kept rear-facing as long as they fit the car seat.
  •     All children under the age of 12 should only sit in the back seat.

 Please take the time to make sure your children’s car seats are properly installed. In most towns and cities, you can find a trained technician that can ensure your seats are properly installed at no charge to you.  For more information on car seats and installing the right ones or how to find help obtaining a car seat, please visit http://www.safercar.gov/parents/CarSeats/Car-Seat-Safety.htm.