Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spanish Version of Cell Phone Sally Video Now Available Online

Since the online release of “9-1-1: Getting Help is Easy“ posted earlier this year, featuring Cell Phone Sally, more individuals have had the opportunity to view and utilize it in classrooms and outreach events. The Commission on State Emergency Communications is excited to share with you the news that the Spanish version of the DVD is now available for online viewing as well!
This 10-minute video plays a very important role in public education by reaching even more citizens, as well as helping to empower children and adults alike about 9-1-1 safety. By having it available in Spanish online, we are now able to provide life saving resources to an additional population group.
“9-1-1 public education is key for audiences of all languages.  Being able to provide the Cell Phone Sally video to our Spanish speaking citizens will greatly help our efforts,” Susan Rodriguez of the City of Plano said. “Having our citizens understand when to call, how to call and what to say when they call 9-1-1 is vital.  Having the tool available online in Spanish will further assist in this endeavor to reach a wider audience.”
9-1-1 public educational efforts throughout the country are put into place to not only help our communities stay educated about 9-1-1 safety, but also to make sure the 9-1-1 centers run as smoothly as possible. A more educated community means that the 9-1-1 center will receive calls from people who are better prepared to answer the questions the call-taker will be asking and provide for an efficient handling of the 9-1-1 call.
Having access to the Cell Phone Sally video online is also convenient for our public educators. It helps provide them as well as others with resources that educate children on how they can play a role in getting help during a 9-1-1 emergency.
“If we can provide this video to the teachers it will be great,” Connie Chavarria of the City of Laredo said. “Another great place to make use of this resource would in the community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, or the after school programs where the kids also have access to the computers. This will be a big plus.  We will definitely be using it in our presentations to show it to them as well.”  
Below is a link to our Spanish and English versions of “9-1-1: Getting Help is Easy.” Check it out and get better educated today!


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