Thursday, July 31, 2014

2014 NPEF Conference Wildly Successful

If you were one of the public educators from across the country who had a chance to participate in the 2014 National Public Educator Forum (NPEF) Conference right outside Chicago, then you know how much valuable insights and ideas were shared. This three day conference was packed with amazing speakers, insightful workshops and innovative ideas!
Over 130 emergency services educators came together in Naperville, Illinois for this educational conference. Educators heard from keynote Mel Robbins who shared her Five Second Rule as well as other ways to successfully manage your time and resources. They also saw the Lewisville Fire Clowns put on their fire safety course which was hysterical and educational at the same time.
Other noteworthy speakers included Marsha Geisler who shared her fantastic teaching strategies as well as the closing keynote speaker, Kelly Rasmussen, who taught attendees how to spread your public education message effectively. Some additional important topics covered included Text to 9-1-1, Tag Team Tactics and Legal Issues within Social Media.
At this year's conference the attendees also participated in an NPEF PSA. Check out the video below!

We can't wait for next year's conference- it is sure to have more innovative ideas for educators to take back home and implement in their 9-1-1 programs! See you all next year!  

Naperville Mayor with Cell Phone Sally
The Lewisville Fire Clowns

Creating 9-1-1 PSAs
Making Chicago Memories!
Creating a NPEF PSA!
Keynote Speaker Mel Robbins

NPEF Conference Committee

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