Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Public Service Announcement Contest

Social media is alive and well, and as public educators, we need to utilize that through our  9-1-1 education efforts both locally and nationally. So how can we do that in a positive and engaging way?

It seems what we are missing the most, is content. By content, we mean information that you can add to your website that will help engage your community. By having the public visit your site, you gain the ability to provide them with answers to questions and input that is desperately wanted and needed.

Content can be developed in many ways, which is why we decided to create an online public service announcement contest. We are looking for participation from any public safety entity (Fire, Police, and 9-1-1) interested in creating a 9-1-1 public education message! The 911safety.org website is sponsoring the online PSA contest to help boost public education efforts.

Here is how the contest will work: Any 9-1-1 entity can participate! All you need to do is produce a 30-second Public Service Announcement dealing with 9-1-1 education. The PSA will be used to help communities better understand the important topics we have on 9-1-1 public education. Whether it be providing the tips on when to call or what to say, or perhaps highlighting the consequences of crank calls, or creating a video teaching kids on how to call 9-1-1 depending on different types of emergencies. The possibilities are endless! It is up to you to be creative and show us your stuff! We accept all video files (.mov, avi, quick time, etc.). Please submit entries to robert.gonzalez@csec.texas.gov. We will showcase the great work we receive on our Facebook and YouTube pages! For the entries we find most creative and inspiring, they will get a percentage off to use toward items available on the 911safety.org websites as well as a Cell Phone Sally Plaque recognizing their public education efforts. Deadline to submit your PSAs is March 27, 2013. Honorees will be selected in April! Honorees must use their 911safety.org discount no later than April 30, 2013.

No budget, no worries, just grab your Smartphone and shoot some creative video. Here are some excellent examples of some PSAs on YouTube that were done in a cost effective manner and they WORK!. Check them out at: http://bit.ly/911contest
What is keeping you from creating your own public service announcement? Why not get started today and see how creative you can be! For more information or if you have any questions or need ideas, please contact Robert Gonzalez at robert.gonzalez@csec.texas.gov. We look forward to seeing everyone’s unique creativity!


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