Monday, July 29, 2013

NPEF Conference in Austin a Huge Success!

For those of you who were lucky enough to attend the National Public Educator Forum Conference in Austin, Texas this past week, you know how beneficial it was for public educators across the country to take part in this conference. Not only did educators get the opportunity to network and share a plethora of ideas, but they were also able to see numerous sessions from keynote speakers that helped to encourage, invigorate and motivate them to go back home and make their public education programs great!

One of the best parts of the conference was when educators broke into groups and had to come up with a skit regarding issues 9-1-1 public educators have to address with the public. There were nine different groups who worked together over the conference to polish their skits and then presented them in front of everyone on the second to last day. The skits not only had everyone laughing, but all attendees were thoroughly impressed with the ideas conveyed on 9-1-1 issues such as pocket-dialing and knowing your location.
Another part of the conference that had everyone in stitches was when the conference attendees created their very own Harlem Shake video! We had some of the educators dress up as Cell Phone Sally, Kid Friendly Keith and Josh. We had others dressed in the cost-effective Cell Phone Sally sandwich costumes and we even brought out our very first 9-1-1 mascot called Super Telly! We incorporated all the costumes into the video and it turned out great. Check out the video below to see the public educators in action!

The NPEF conference was quite the success and many are already looking forward to next year’s conference near Chicago, Illinois! Below you can find a link to the flyer with more information.  Windy city bound, the only blues you will find is if you are unable to attend!

Remember, the NPEF group is here to help public educators work together to make their programs impactful and successful. For more information on NPEF or if you would like to become a member (it is free!), please visit their website at

NPEF Conference Harlem Shake!

NPEF Conference in Action!

Cell Phone Sally Sandwich Costumes! "We do what we want!"

The Conference Share and Freebie Table

The NPEF Skit Winners! (Their skit addressed pocket-dials)

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