Friday, July 19, 2013

NPEF Conference Starts Sunday in Austin!

The National Public Educator Forum Conference, dedicated to public safety professionals, is coming to Austin, Texas this Sunday through Wednesday (July 21st-24th). Over a 100 educators will join together from all over the United States and Mexico to share public education ideas, cost-effective measures and foster relationships within the public safety community.

This will be the third annual conference for NPEF, a group that has over 400 members and is FREE to join! (For more information on becoming a part of NPEF, please visit their website at Throughout the conference, attendees will learn invaluable information regarding the ever-evolving 9-1-1 industry as well as learn practical training with innovative ideas on making public education more successful and more efficient than ever.

One of the great things about this conference is that every attendee has the opportunity to attend every session, which means you don’t miss out on anything! With 15 sessions over a four-day period, educators learn hands-on training while meeting and working with other educators throughout the U.S. One thing you can distinguish in the public education industry is that educators learn more and make the best of their programs when they work together and share ideas.
Educators, administrators and others involved in the public safety industry will leave this conference feeling energized, motivated and reignited about their public education program. NPEF conference coordinators cannot wait to show attendees what they have in store for them this year! For more information on the conference sessions, please visit NPEF is on Facebook too so check them out here:


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