Monday, June 18, 2012

Cell Phone Sally’s Friend Josh Helps Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day!

Go Skateboarding Day is officially celebrated on Thursday June 21st and Cell Phone Sally’s friend Josh is stoked to provide safety tips since he is a professional skateboarder himself and because he wants everyone to be safe while having fun being active! Skateboarding is a popular activity among young people especially now that school is out for summer. Unfortunately, it can also be an activity that causes unintentional injuries or scrapes.

Statistics show that each year in the U.S., skateboarding injuries cause about 50,000 visits to the emergency rooms alone and roughly 1,500 children become hospitalized. Fractures are usually the most common type of skateboarding injury, with rare deaths occurring from collisions with a motor vehicle. In an effort to stay safe and keep the emergency calls to a minimum, Josh wants everyone to remember to follow these cool tips and stay safe while have a grand time staying active!

Always wear the proper safety gear: This includes a helmet as well as elbow, knee and wrist guards. Long pants are a plus too to protect your legs from scrapes or burns in case you fall. Make sure to securely fasten your helmet with the adjustable chin strap to keep the helmet firmly planted on top of your head.

Make sure to get the right size skateboard: Go into any professional skateboard shop and they will happily show you how to find the right size skateboard for your size and shape!

Try to skateboard on smooth surfaces: Skateboarding on smooth surfaces helps eliminate your chances of falling. It is also a good idea to stay away from any kind of traffic when skateboarding because you don’t want to lose control around motor vehicles.

Skateboard during the day: Never skateboard at night because it is not safe for you or others. It is hard to see you and it is hard for you to see where you are going so stick to the daylight when cruising on your board!

Learn how to fall: This can actually help you reduce your chances of injuries! If you are losing your balance, remember to crouch down on the skateboard so you don’t have to fall as hard. If you do fall, try to fall on fleshy parts of your body, opposed to bones, and roll into the fall so that you absorb the impact better. Don’t tense up because that will just make the fall hurt more. And always remember to jump off before you fall off!

Follow these simple steps and you can have fun skateboarding with Josh while also putting safety first! And remember, if there ever is an emergency; always dial 9-1-1 for help!

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