Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Deal with an Intruder in your Home

It’s the middle of the night and a noise wakes you up. Your first thought: Oh no, someone is in my house! In another scenario, you could be at work while your kids are at home and someone attempts to break into your home. What do you do and what do you tell your kids to do if this happens to them or you? Each year roughly 16% of American homes deal with some type of property crime or theft. With the following helpful tools, you can help protect yourself and your family from intruders in the home.

Getting Away from an Intruder
It is important to talk to your family about what you will do if someone is in your home. If you are your loved ones are able to escape the home safely, then do so and run to the nearest neighbor to call 9-1-1 for help. Teach your children how to get help from a neighbor or the police if they are in danger or hear someone trying to break in while they are home alone.
What to Do Once the Intruder is Inside
Once the intruder is inside, it is best to be as quiet as possible so you do not alert the intruder to your presence. If you are able, make your way to a safe room. This can be a closet or a bathroom where you have a deadbolt lock. Get you and your family into the safe room, lock the door and call the police. It is a great idea to keep a phone charger in your safe room so that you don’t have to worry about your phone losing a charge. Once you dial 9-1-1, tell the operator your address first and then quickly explain the situation in a quiet voice. Talking quietly will protect your safety.
Coming in Contact with an Intruder
Make sure to arm yourself with a blunt or sharp object for protection. Be prepared to use the object if the intruder is able to get to you. People tend to think they will get in trouble for hurting someone, but when your life is threatened, you must act accordingly. Never take aggressive action unless it is your only option because escaping is always the best route. If the intruder has a weapon, remain calm and cooperative for you and your family’s safety. Do not make eye contact and be prepared to fight for your life, if necessary. If you do hit the intruder, make sure to run to safety afterwards.
What to do to Prevent Break-Ins and Intruders in the Home
Many break-ins can be prevented. Make sure your front and back doors are durable and strong. It is always a good idea to have dual deadbolt locks on these doors as well. This will prevent people from pushing their way into your home. Make sure you also have your windows locked at all times! The majority of break-ins happen through the front or back door as well as windows left unlocked.

Other Tips to Avoid Being Burglarized
-       Get a dog as a pet- they are great at keeping intruders out!
-       If you have your keys on you, push the alarm button on them if you hear an intruder. The loud noise is likely to scare them away
-       Keep bedroom doors locked at night
-       Keep your cell phone next to your night stand
-       Install Alarm Systems (If you can’t afford an alarm system, try just posting stickers on your windows from an alarm company- they won’t mind the advertising and it can deter a thief from breaking in)
-       Take a Self-Defense Class to help you learn how to protect yourself

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